Why Did Apple Replace ‘Free’ with ‘Get’?

If you’ve recently checked the iOS App Store or the Mac App Store Read more…


Google’s New App Adds a Bit of Android to the iPhone

Less than a week ago Google released a new version of its search app for the iOS. Read more…

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 14.09.46

How to Create App Previews for Free with OS X Yosemite and QuickTime

For every iPhone app developer creating a beautiful app preview is a must. Read more…

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.07.13

Create/generate app icons for iOS – a new tool from Fan Studio

www.appicon.build helps you generate and resize app icons or launch images Read more…

Injecting Slot Machine Mechanics to Casual App Games

Techniques in making mobile app games simple yet successful Read more…

Fan Studio UK Recognized as a Leading Mobile App Developer in Britain

Clutch, a research firm in DC, has named Fan Studio UK a leading service provider of mobile development services in the UK. Read more…

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Building an Arcade Cabinet? Here’s How We Did It!

If you love arcade games as much as we do Read more…


Tips to Help You Generate Buzz Before You Release Your App

Trying to get the word out when you release your app Read more…

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Videos on the App Store: What You Need to Know About App Preview

One of the big changes introduced with iOS 8 were App Previews Read more…


How to Increase Your App’s Ranking on the App Store

In theory, a 5-star rating system should work like this: Read more…

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