Tips That Will Help You Get Your App Reviewed by the Media

One of the best ways to spread the word about your app is to get it reviewed by the media. Read more…

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Save the Planet – Airplane Fighter Is a New Shooter Game with Retro Touches

Get ready to go old school! Save the Planet – Airplane Fighter is a vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up (STG) style game Read more…


Things You Should Do to Improve Your App’s Search Visibility

Let’s face it, nobody knows how search engines work. Read more…


Things to Consider When Raising App Price from Free to $0.99

The App Store has thousands of free apps. Some of them are 100% free and rely on advertising to get revenue Read more…

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3 Tricks to Selling More In-App Purchases from Your Game

Does your game offer in-app purchases? Read more…

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How to Get Valuable Feedback for Your App

When you release your mobile app, there are bound to be some things that users may not like, Read more…

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Tools to Help You with App Store Competitor Research

When you’re developing an iPhone game or app, one day the time comes when you need to find out how competitor apps are performing on the App Store Read more…

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Why You Should Perform Geographical Research Before You Launch Your App

When you launch a new iOS app, you usually invest a lot of time and money in market research. Read more…

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Quick Tips for Making Your App More Visible

Are you looking for strategies to make your iOS app more visible to potential users? Read more…

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Why Killer Apps Fail: One Thing You Should Never Overlook

Many great app developers often face the same problem: Read more…

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