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How much does it cost to make an app?

Get an estimate of how much it costs to develop your mobile app or game idea in 12 easy steps.

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iOS & Android app development

What mobile platforms do you want to support?

Depending on your target audience and budget we will help you choose the right platform.

  • Android Development
  • iOS Mobile App Development
    Apple iOS
  • iOS & Android Development
    Android & Apple iOS

What devices do you want to support?

Standard Phone apps will work on Tablets, but apps designed for Tablets will better utilise the bigger screen space. Tablet only apps won't support Phones.

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Universal app development
    Phone & Tablet

Do you need users to login?

If you want your users to access their data from more than one device, then a login will be required. Social login is faster, easier to integrate and you can collect more info on them.

  • app email login
  • app social login
  • no login

Do users need to create profiles?

A profile allows users to enter personal information details about themselves, as well as store personal app usage preferences and settings.

  • app user profile
  • no profile

How would you like your app to be designed?

Does your app need to be designed from the scratch? Just need a re-design or simple interface?

  • simple app UI design
    Simple Design
  • bespoke app design UI
    Custom interface
  • Replicated web interface
  • No need for design

What stage of the project are you currently at?

This helps us get a better understanding about how much time it takes your app to deployment/launch.

  • Mobile App: from Idea to Development
  • Wireframe app design
  • app development
    In development

How will you make money from your app?

Use the app stores with in-app purchases for digital goods/virtual currency, m-Commerce for selling products and services, Adverts to monetise the masses, or Free for a promotional app.

  • in-app purchases
    In-app purchase
  • mobile commerce
    Sell products & Services
  • mobile
  • Free

Do users need to rate or review things?

If you offer products or services, allowing reviews and rating can really help the user experience.

  • Yes
  • No

Does your app need to connect to external content?

Content can be static in the app, or you'll need an API to connect to your existing Website, or we can build a CMS to manage the content.

  • mobile app API integrations
    Existing Website
  • app content management systems
    Content Management System
  • No

How beautiful and polished should your app be?

Design doesn't effect function, but it does make for a nicer user experience. Custom animations, gestures and transitions will cost more, but will delight your users.

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • High-end

Does your app offer location services?

If your app is to offer Maps, Find your Nearest or GEO functions, you'll need this.

  • app geolocation services
  • No

Does your app require user messaging?

Allowing simple user-to-business messaging, or advanced user-to-user messaging, can help app usefulness and stickiness.

  • Simple messaging
  • Advanced messaging
  • No messaging

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Your estimate is based on 8 years of providing mobile app development services to our clients. The estimate is meant to be a ballpark figure based on real projects and our experience of delivering high quality app projects.

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