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Are you looking to develop a game or an app?

Fan Studio can help you develop a native mobile app or a cross-platform game in no time. Use our game development calculator to find out the costs involved.

What stage are you at?

Does your app requires connection to a website or another app?

Will your app connect to external information? For example, do you want your application to automatically pick-up changes that you make on your website? Information like news, new products etc.

Does your app requires a content management system?

Will you need to add new content to your app? In example: news, articles, new music, images or items to your store?

How do you want your app to look like?

  • Stock icon-kit, native UI elements


  • Custom made UI design, illustrations, icons and animations


How will your app make money?

Representational app,
not planning to make money
Free with ads
Paid app
Free app with a shop/IAP
(In-App purchases)


How will the user login?

No need for login
Social media login
Login with E-mail
Extra security


What platforms do you want your app on?

  • On average, iOS users spend more on apps

  • Android has more users but they spend less.

  • A cross-platform app is effective but costs more to maintain and the functionality is limited. Consider a single platform for untested ideas.

What devices you want your app on?

  • Phones have the largest market share. If you only have budget to support one device type, phone is a good option.

  • Tablet-only applications are good for business solutions. For example if you are considering an app for warehouse management.
  • If you are doing a general consumer application, such as a shop, banking or social network - it is a great option to consider.


WILL your app require location services?

Working on an app for taxi drivers? Delivery service or anything else that requires navigation.

Some services need to identify user location but don't need maps. In example, to show ads based on user position.

How will you get users for your app?

There is no product without an audience. Getting people to find your app on Google Play and App Store is a challenge. If you don't have an existing userbase you can transfer, we have to reserve a budget for user accquisition and marketing campaigns to get your app noticed.

Do you need messaging in your app?

Chatrooms and groups for multiple users to communicate simultaneously.

Ability for two users to exchange direct private messages.

Will your users need to use the camera in your app?

Users will be able take photos and videos using native camera and gallery functionality.

Users will be able to modify images and videos, apply filters, resize, add stickers or emojies.

Does your app need music and video support?

Users will be able to record or stream tracks.

Users will be able to record or stream video.

Will your users need to use a camera in your app?

Users will able to make voice calls

Users will be able to make voice & video calls

Will your application use VR or AR features?

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Game design is challenging
Not only it has to be technically sound and beautiful, but it also has to be fun! Before we dive into code and art, we should be able to answer:

  • What's your target audience?
  • What is the core experience? How will it look and feel?
  • What features will the game have?
  • How will this game generate profit?
  • What is unique about this game, how does it stand out?
  • How much will it cost to produce and maintain?

Pre-production stage
Market research, competitor analysis, preliminary visualisation and design of structures and features help us to mitigate risks.
We iterate and test ideas on paper before going into expensive production. The result is a strong project concept (Game Design Document) with a clear understanding product core and costs.

Price and timeline
Depending on the project difficulty and scale, it can take from 3 weeks to a a couple of months.
Cost of pre-production starts from 4500 EUR.

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