Choosing the right SDK – iPhone Game Development

How do you choose the right SDK when you decide to start learning iPhone programming for Game development?

Which tool is right for you?

When it comes to game development for iPhone, the most important factor is the time you need to develop that game.

xCode is the tool for professionals, but sadly it requires 10x the developing time compared to other tools.

Below you will find a couple of links to the most popular iPhone Game Development tools. If you don’t have a background in programming I suggest you to start with GameSalad. This tool will help you understand  game development principles (the logic behind developing games).

However, GameSalad has a significant disadvantage. Because it lacks options like arrays, I don’t recommend trying to develop your games using GameSalad. Only use it if you’re short of time and you want to demonstrate a game idea to a client.

A very well thought-out SDK for iPhone game development UK is iStencyl.
It combines advanced options with a user-friendly interface.
Visit their website and read the forums – it’s an amazing tool with unlimited options!

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