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3 Things That Can Ruin Your App from the Start


If you have an idea for a mobile app, you’ve probably thought about starting developing it in 2016. Mobile app development and publishing is as popular as ever before, so your chances of making a profitable app are good. However, there are some things that can ruin your app from the start. We thought we’d list three of them in this article.

Wrong choice of platform

Have you decided which platform you are going to develop for? Is your app going to be available on iOS, Android or Windows Phone (or perhaps on all three)? Settling on a platform is a crucial decision that affects the future of your app. The choice of platform should depend on your target audience. For example, the iOS is dominant in the USA, whereas Android is very popular in the rest of the world. Monetization is another thing to consider. In general, mobile apps for the iPhone make more money than the same apps for Android.

Lack of marketing strategy

If you are thinking that your app is going to take off by itself, you’re deceiving yourself. It’s true that the App Store and Google Play store saw some wonders that became popular overnight, but the possibility that your app is going to be the next sensation are thin. That’s why you should have a solid app marketing strategy before you release your app. Put simply, do not release your app before you work out how you’re going to promote it and have the budget for your marketing activities.

Releasing a buggy app

Test, test, and test again. There’s nothing worse than releasing a buggy app. Unlike websites where you can make live changes, users will have to download an app update to receive bug fixes. That makes huge room for one-star ratings and bad reviews. So make sure you test well with a proper team of beta testers before your app hits the App Store and gets real users.

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