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How to Fund Your App with Crowdfunding


If you are an independent app developer, then you probably know all about the risks involved in developing an app and hoping it will earn you enough money. A good way to minimize those risks from the start is to use crowdfunding to get help with the money side of things.

Crowdfunding is a great way to not only help you start the app development process, but also market an existing app to a new audience and get funds for developing new features. Putting your app on one of the crowdfunding websites mentioned in this post will also generate a lot of interest and buzz around your app. People will become interested; they will talk about your app, and hopefully promote it to their friends on social media when you launch it on the App Store.


Kickstarter is the most popular crowdfunding website in the USA with thousands of people using it every day. It’s quite easy to start a project for your app and get people to fund it. Currently only residents of the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can start a project.


This platform calls itself “a wholesale market providing funding and distribution for the best new apps to platforms and stores.” In many ways it’s similar to Kickstarter, but the difference is that it’s app-specific and it uses a number of tools to predict the success (or failure) or your app. There is appscore that scores your app based on quality, customer ratings and reviews, and there is Xchange, which is Appbackr’s platform for developers to receive offers.


Founded in 2012, AppsFunder quickly became a popular app funding platform for independent developers. When you submit your app, you’ll need to convince the site that your app is unique and worth the funding. When that’s done, you can pledge for funds. Your backers can either buy a reward pack that you define, or support you for a revenue share in the future. If your project is not 100% funded in the set timeframe, you won’t have to pay a cent to AppsFunder.

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