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How Analyzing the App Store Can Help You Improve Your App


The mobile app market is very fast paced, which means that different apps get into the top 100 and the list changes a lot. Some apps have been making the lists for years, but there’s always room for new apps and games there. Reviewing and analyzing the App Store can help you get valuable insights and ideas of how to boost your app’s downloads.

Check out top free apps

Looking into the top free apps will give you a good idea of what’s popular and which social networks are attracting the most users at the moment. If you are a game developer, looking at top free games might help you get some inspiration for your UI and UX.

Check out apps that make the most

Another thing worth checking is the top earning apps. You can view them by navigating to the “Top Grossing” tab in the App Store. Browse them and don’t forget to see top grossing apps by category, so that you can determine the top performers in your category. Keep in mind that these numbers include upfront payments and in-app purchases, but don’t include advertising revenue.

Check out trending searches

Another good way to analyze the App Store and get a sense of what’s popular is to check out trending search keywords. You can see trending searches by going to the search tab in the mobile App Store.

Check out competition

Taking a look at your competition on a regular basis is an important part of ASO. Things to check are new features, category and overall ranking, and how introducing new features changes their app store optimization process.

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