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Use Updates to Promote Your App on the App Store


Even if your app is very popular at the moment, chances are that your downloads will decline unless you keep improving your app. It doesn’t take much for even the most enthusiastic users to become unhappy and turn their enthusiasm towards giving you low ratings and bad reviews. The answer to this problem is regular updates that you can use to your advantage.

Keep your users engaged

When it comes to mobile apps and games, there is no such thing as a perfect app. Even if you did a great job before releasing it, there bound to be some minor bugs that some users will find annoying. So make sure you respond to their feedback promptly and issue updates to keep your users happy.

Updates are an important part of ASO

The release of iOS 6 and iOS 7 changed quite a few things in the world of ASO. One of them is that updates started playing a very important role. Now the text in the “What’s New” section is just as important as your app’s description. Use the first two lines of the “What’s New” section to pitch your app to new users and make your current users update as soon as possible. Show people that your app is well supported and you are constantly working on making it better. Another thing you should remember is that when users see recent positive ratings and reviews, they feel more confident about trying out a new app.

As you can see, updates are really important. Issue them often (but not too often) and always let your social network followers know that they should update the app. This way you’ll keep existing users engaged and market your app to new users at the same time.

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