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How to Draw Attention to Your App in App Store Search Results


If you read a lot about ASO, you must have noticed that most articles concentrate on written content: the title, keywords, sometimes the app’s description and so on. Optimizing these elements will help you rank higher in App Store search, but the keywords and the description won’t make people interested enough to click on your app. Your title, icon and screenshots will. In today’s post we’ll focus on how you can optimize your icon and screenshots to help people notice your app.

Your app’s icon

When iOS 8 introduced vertical scrolling, a lot more app listings became visible at a glance to a user searching the App Store. Basically, users look at your app’s icon, then they read the title and then they make a decision whether they’re interested or not. The icon is the first thing that draws the user’s attention. That’s why your icon should:

  • Be creative and attention-grabbing
  • Be unique and distinctive
  • Be relevant to your app’s or game’s content
  • Show good use of colours (you’ll be surprised how many icons are blue)

Your app’s screenshots

The App Store requires each app to have at least one image and there’s an option to upload four more. It’s good practice to upload all five images to fully demonstrate your app to the users and convince them to download. Not all five images have to be screenshots, but make sure you include some and they demonstrate your app in action. Your goal is to show your potential users what it will feel like to use your app. Ideally, your screenshots should:

  • Demonstrate the key features of your app
  • Have enticing captions
  • Meet the minimum and maximum size requirements
  • Demonstrate the latest features

Don’t forget that ASO is not only about the keywords and use the icon and screenshots to convince people to download your app.

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