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The Role of App Name in ASO


Many mobile app developers still underestimate the role of app name in App Store Optimization (ASO). But your app title is pretty much your brand – that’s how people get to know you. Everybody knows about Angry Birds, but only a small percentage of people know the name Rovio.

A catchy and descriptive app name will help you attract new users and it will turn your existing users into viral marketers. Just don’t forget to keep the name both descriptive and short because even though iTunes Connect lets you enter up to 255 characters, users on the App Store will only see 35. So keep that in mind.

On average, keywords in your app name help your app rank 10% higher than apps not using keywords in their titles. That alone is a very good reason to use some keywords. Add to that the boost in ranking you could get if your competitors are not using keywords in their app names, and you’ll see how a simple trick like this can increase your downloads and sales.

To get some idea about the best way to use keywords in your app title, look at the big names. “Gmail – email from Google”, “Skype – free IM & video calls”, “Spotify Music”. All these apps use their main keyword in their app name while keeping up brand awareness. And their use of keywords help the apps look more relevant to people who are thinking about downloading an app with a particular function.

And last but not least, if your app targets a particular country or geographic area, you should point it out in your app title. This will localize the app name and make it easier for your target audience to find your app.

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