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5 Essential Tips for Naming Your App


Picking the right name for your app can make all the difference between success and failure. Just like in show business where the first impression may be the only impression you’ll ever make, your app’s name will either attract or scare off your potential users. Today we have five essential app naming tips for you to follow.

1. Never duplicate

The first thing you should do when you get an app name idea is Google it. There’s always a chance that no matter how unique your naming idea sounds, there may be other apps or companies using it. You wouldn’t want anyone suing you for using their intellectual property. Also remember that you can’t squat a name on the App Store before your app is fully developed.

2. Combine words to your advantage

A lot of great app names are two-part names where the word for the function of the app is paired with a term that enhances it. Think of Evernote, Tweetbot, Duolingo and Wunderlist.

3. Be crystal clear

Remember that users may not look further than your app’s name, so it’s your chance to grab their attention. An important part of it is making sure they immediately understand what your app is about from just seeing its name and its icon.

4. Use no more than 11 characters

Long app names are bad for many reasons. They are difficult to process plus they look terrible in app collections. Make sure you stick to under 11 characters when you are thinking of a name for your app.

5. Can you pronounce it?

It’s fine to make up words to give your app a cool name, but make sure everyone can pronounce it. If an app’s name is difficult to pronounce, your potential users will become frustrated by simply trying to read the name. Also remember that the app market is international; so try to keep things simple.

Remember that making that great first impression is crucial in the mobile app development business, so take your time and create a really cool name for your app.

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