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3 User Retention Strategies for Your Mobile Game


If you are monetizing your mobile game, then user retention is crucial to your success. A game that keeps players hooked combined with a good monetization techniques will result in more revenue for you. Here are some strategies that will help you retain your users.

1. Offer limited time events
Providing an engaging gaming experience, so that your users want to keep playing, is something every game developer wants to achieve. One way to increase the players’ interest is to offer limited time in-game events like small tasks that generate rewards. These rewards will encourage your users to keep playing.

2. Send push notifications
Sometimes even the most engaged players don’t have the time to get playing or simply forget about the game. Sending push notifications will encourage users to open your game again. You can simply remind users that the game is waiting for them, or you could notify them of new features or tasks that are fun to complete.

3. Be reachable
Make it easy for your users to contact you. Make them feel that the developer is not someone miles away, but is a friendly person who is ready to respond to feedback. People like to see their favourite software updated according to their feedback. They value the fact that you value them.

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