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10 tips when publishing to the App Store

So you’ve developed an iPhone app and now you are ready to submit it to the App Store. No matter whether you are publishing your first app or you’ve been in the iPhone game development UK business for a while, you need to avoid common App Store publishing mistakes. Here are 10 tips for successful App Store submission.

  1. Test your app
    Before you submit your app or game to the App Store, make sure it doesn’t crash, there are no memory leaks and everything works as it should. Otherwise your reputation as an iPhone game developer can be ruined.
  2. Know the rules
    Read the App Store Review Guidelines carefully. Neglecting them may result in your app being rejected by the App Store.
  3. Add a clear description
    In iOS app development UK, it’s very important to add a clear description. Otherwise your app can get rated down for not doing things you never intended it to do.
  4. Price it right
    Think twice before setting the $0.99 price. Publishing a paid app means that you can’t really include any ads into it. So if you set your price this low and the app doesn’t sell, your only option will be to offer it for free. As a result, the app won’t bring you any income.
  5. Win your client
    iOS app development UK studies suggest that you only have 2 seconds to win your client. So make sure your app has an attractive icon and a cool name.
  6. Time the release
    There is a lot of talk about when is the best time to release your iOS app or game. iPhone game development UK research shows that the best day to release your app is Thursday, as you will get maximum exposure.
  7. Avoid major holidays
    Do not release your game during major holidays. If you do, your submission will be buried by game releases by industry giants like EA and Gameloft.
  8. Issue a press release
    A press release can help you promote your iOS app. is a service worth trying.
  9. Promote
    If you are into iPhone game development UK, then you should know how important it is to promote your app. Use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your new release.
  10. Organise giveaways
    If you’ve developed a paid app, the best promotion technique is to organise giveaways and discounts. Use this list of iPhone Reviews Sites and Promotion to advertise your game for free.
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