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3 Best Practices to Increase User Engagement for Your App


It takes more than a cool idea to create an engaging mobile app. Your app needs to be original, fun to use, and intuitive. It also has to be very user-friendly so that people feel that the app is their friend and not a puzzle they need to solve.


In this article, we are going to cover three best practices that will help you increase user engagement for your app. They all require time and effort, but they really pay off in the end.

  1. Educate new users

Getting lots of app installs is great, but you need to do everything you can for the users to stay and use your app regularly. Often new users need help figuring out how to use an app and onboarding is the perfect time to educate them. Your goal is to get people to start using your app and showing them around is the best way to encourage them to dive in. So, invest into creating an interactive tutorial that not only shows people around but also makes them try using the app.

  1. Make it easy to explore your app

When people are deciding whether to continue using an app or not, they like to get as much of a taste as possible. So your job is to make it easy to explore all of your app’s features. Even if your app requires authentication, try to make it possible for the users to check it out first and then decide whether to create an account or not.

  1. Make the most of push notifications

Even the most loyal users sometimes forget to check back. Push notifications are a great way to remind people about your app and re-engage them. It’s up to you how you utilize push notifications. Just remember that you shouldn’t send them too often because that could actually make people uninstall your app – nobody like being annoyed.

Follow these best practices and we promise that your engagement numbers will rise.

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