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4 Overlooked Tactics to Get More App Installs


So you are marketing your iOS app. You’ve already got quite a few users, but you want to get more new installs. While there are lots of obvious methods like improving your ASO and running ads, some tactics are often overlooked. Here are five of them.

1. Launch your app in a less competitive country

Are you trying to become popular in the USA or Canada? If your app is not tied to a particular geographic market, consider launching it in a less competitive country. The UK, Ireland and Germany are good options because they are easier markets to get to the top of search results and be listed as a popular app.

2. Create a YouTube video

YouTube videos are powerful marketing tools because of the huge YouTube audience. Not to mention the fact that Google loves YouTube. So why not create a video for your app or game? A video optimized for YouTube’s search engine can get thousands of views, which can convert into installs if your video includes a link to your app.

3. Integrate

There are lots of popular services that allow you to integrate your app with them. For example, lots of apps got free publicity by integrating with Apple’s HealthKit. We’re not saying that you should design an app with the sole purpose of integrating with another app, but if your app offers a relevant service, why not.

4. Ask for friendly feedback

People love giving advice. So why not use this to your advantage? You can go to app or game-related forums and ask people to give you advice on how to improve your app or game. This is a subtle way to promote an app plus it can have a viral effect if power forum users and bloggers like your app and write about it.

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