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3 Common Mobile App A/B Testing Mistakes You Should Avoid


A/B testing has become a crucial part of any mobile app marketing strategy. No matter what your app is about, running the tests will help you to increase downloads and installs, as well as improve user experience.

A/B testing is an acquired skill and there are a lot of hurdles along the way. We thought we’d share three common mobile app A/B testing mistakes everyone should avoid.

  1. Making changes to your App Store listing page for test purposes

Most A/B testing beginners simply make changes to their app’s page on the App Store and wait to see what happens. This is probably the most ineffective approach to A/B testing. Not only does it take a long time to update the App Store page, but it also takes Apple about a week to approve the changes. But the worst bit is that you can’t be sure of what traffic you’re getting – a Facebook post or a blog review of your app can result in drastic changes to your audience for a short period of time. This means that your test results will not be accurate.

  1. Not tracking the entire funnel

Another common A/B testing mistake is not tracking the entire funnel and getting a limited picture. A good example of this mistake is when you track the changes to the CTA on a button, but don’t track anything related to the entire process of getting to the button and clicking on it. This approach provides incomplete results that can’t be properly analyzed.

  1. Stopping the test too early

A very common A/B testing mistake is failing to run the test for enough time. Most of the time developers stop the test because they think they have enough data. However, even a surge in user behaviour can be insignificant in the long run because a lot of your users may not have had the time to open the app. That’s why you should plan your test in such a way that it captures both regular and occasional users. This will not only give you a clearer picture, but will help you see and analyze the peaks in your results.

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