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3 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015 You Should Know Of


A year in mobile app development sees a lot of changes and new trends. In 2014 we saw the beginning of native advertising within mobile apps, the Asian mobile game market growth, and Latin America becoming a more important market. Let’s see what 2015 brings to app marketing and advertising.

Video Is King

2014 saw app video previews make way to iOS 8 App Store. This year app videos and video ads are expected to boom. There will be more developers using YouTube as a marketing platform for their apps, and apps themselves will see more video ads. Remember that video eCPM is generally eight times higher than the eCPM for banner ads.

Going Local

The growth of Asian and Latin American shares in mobile apps downloads inevitably leads to more attention to these regions from app developers and marketers. Many companies are looking into possibilities of partnering with local firms to get better insights and competitive advantage.

More Control and Better Ad Targeting

Mobile app users are becoming savvier when it comes to ads. They know what they want and they hate getting irrelevant (and annoying) ads. That’s why there is a tendency to give users more control over the ads they see by providing clicking incentives. Some developers even let users decide what type of ads they want displayed and when.

Microtargeting is another trend where advertisers target smaller groups of users. If you like, mobile ads are becoming more refined and precise.

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