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3 ASO Myths That Can Harm Your App Ranking


More and more mobile app developers get obsessed with ASO in an attempt to make their apps rank higher on the App Store. Proper App Store Optimization can boost app downloads, sales, conversions and ultimately the developer’s revenue, but there are quite a few ASO myths floating around. Following these myths as guidelines is not only pointless, but potentially harmful for your ranking. We are going to debunk three of them in this article.

Myth #1: app description is not important

There are countless ASO articles and blog posts stating that app descriptions are not important because the App Store algorithm doesn’t take them into account. This used to be true to some extent, however recent tests showed that the App Store started paying attention to app description content since the changes in Spotlight. In any case, even when app descriptions weren’t that important for the engine, they’ve always been useful bits of information for your users. Believe it or not, people actually read app descriptions before they download. So make sure yours describes your app’s features in a compelling manner.

Myth #2: change the title often to add the latest trending keywords

Now this is probably the worst thing you could ever do because changing your app title too often can ruin your app on the App Store. It’s true that the title is the most important bit of metadata, but changing it frequently doesn’t help your ASO efforts (changing the live title is not a proper way to A/B test either). To make the most of your title, keep it under 25 characters for readability on mobiles, use your primary keyword, and make the title sound creative.

Myth #3: keywords are an old SEO technique

You’ll find a lot of people saying that keywords are dead in ASO and that it’s all about ranking. While there’s no denial that ranking is important, you should not underestimate the value of keywords. Research from MobileDevHQ and Apptamin shows that apps with a keyword in title rank 10% better than apps without one. Plus apps with keywords in title and description are easier to discover for your potential users.

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