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Basic Advice for Developing a Successful Cross-Platform App


These days most mobile app developers need to consider creating for at least two platforms – iOS and Android. As a rule, cross-platform apps are challenging to create, especially from the user experience point of view. Here is some basic advice for developing a successful cross-platform app.

Choose your development tools

Every mobile platform has its own native language and an SDK (software development kit). For example, iOS uses Objective C and Cocoa SDK. As for Android developers, they often work with Java and ADK. If you are creating a Web app, then you can base it on HTML5, which will result in a universal app that will run on all devices.

Utilize additional tools

You can make cross-platform app development go a lot smoother with the help of additional tools. For example, Developer Garden is a handy Cloud-based developer platform specifically tailored for cross-platform app developers. It lets developers program apps a lot quicker and makes it more cost effective in the process.

Have ongoing quality assurance and support

No matter how hard you try and how good a job you do, there are bound to be some bugs and negative customer feedback. While iOS makes it easier for you to do all the necessary testing before the release, Android is a bit more obscure from the QA point of view. When you create a cross-platform app, it’s important that all your users get a timely response and the needed bug fixes.

Mobile Game App Developers UK


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