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How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Mobile Marketing


An average person picks up their smartphone more than 100 times a day. This means that there’s a huge potential to use this behaviour pattern to your advantage, but there are some problems to solve.

The problem is that most people don’t use all the apps they have on their phones on a regular basis and have quite a few of redundant apps. To ensure that your app continuously engages with your audience and doesn’t become redundant, you need to add a personal touch to your mobile marketing.

To be able to personalize your marketing, you should accumulate and analyse some data about your users. You need to know who they are, where they are, how old they are, and what they like.

If your app has a sign up process and uses location services, then it’s really easy to collect the data you need. Consider asking your users to enter their name, age and gender, so that you know how to personalize your push messages and other communication. A message like “Hello, Jane” always works better than bland “Dear customer”.

Another good way to offer your customers personalized marketing information is to analyse their behaviour and understand how they interact with your app. This is particularly effective for shopping apps and local services apps. For example, yours is a shopping app and you know that user Jane Doe is interested in size M casual clothes. You can then use this information to send push notifications to this user whenever a new item in size M is available in the casual category. Don’t forget to add the sense of urgency to the message if you’re notifying the user about a special offer (like “Offer expires in X days”). This way you’ll be more likely to get a positive interaction. You can improve your messages even further if you customize them based on what your user likes and enjoys. For example, some people might be interested in clothes from GAP while others will be more interested in ZARA.

Remember that today’s mobile users expect intelligent personalized communication from the app. You should either do everything you can to live up to their expectations or prepare yourself for uninstalls and complaints about annoying push messages and ads.

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