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Why Vertical Screenshots Give Your App an ASO Advantage on the App Store


Are you thinking what sort of screenshots to post for your new iOS app? Research shows that apps with vertical screenshots perform better than app listings with horizontal ones. Here is why.

The first reason is very simple – a vertical screenshot lets you show more app elements. Plus two screenshots are available at a glance as opposed to one horizontal screenshot, which lets you show your users even more elements. If both your first screenshots are vertical, both of them will show up in the search results. This means that you’ll have twice the chance to convince the user to download your app.

Another thing about vertical screenshots is that they take up space in the search results. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but if you think of it, you’ll see why you’d be better off posting vertical screenshots. Imagine that your main competitor’s entry shows up in the search results right after your app or game. A horizontal screenshots will make your competitor’s app more visible to the user because it will appear higher. But a vertical screenshot will push it down a bit and give you more space. Again, this increases the chances of the user downloading your app and not moving down the list to check out your competitor.

Remember that if your first screenshots is vertical and the second one is horizontal, only the first one will be shown in the search results.

Like everything in ASO, choosing screenshots is often a way of trial and error. Test out different combinations, and don’t forget to combine vertical and horizontal screenshots. There may be instances where such combinations will work best.

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