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Tips to Make Sure Your App Doesn’t Get Uninstalled After the First Open


According to some studies, as much as 80-90% of apps a user downloads get uninstalled after the first open. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your app, would you? Here are some tips that will help you avoid some common mistakes that lead to app uninstalls.

Slow app

Everybody hates slow software. But while people expect heavy programs like Photoshop to load a while, they want mobile apps to snap open. If your app is slow to load and freezes, people will uninstall it regardless of its features. They will also give you a low rating, so make sure you release your app without any bugs and speed problems.

Register before you use it

Imagine that you’re browsing the Web and land on a website that asks you to register before you can read anything. Sounds ridiculous! True, there are some online magazines that ask to register to read the whole content, but at least they give a taste of what’s there.

People who use mobile apps are the same people that browse the Web. They want to see what the app offers before they do anything else. That’s why you should avoid asking people to register before they engage with your app. Doing the opposite will result in about 50% of uninstalls.

Cumbersome sign up process

Your users downloaded your app to use it, not to complete long and pointless surveys. Is your registration process survey-like? If yes, try to minimize it as much as possible and make registration quick and easy. Consider adding an option to register with Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Try to avoid these mistakes and you’ll be able to cut down the number of uninstalls and make your users happier.

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