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3 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Mobile App Marketers


When you are marketing a mobile app, there are so many things to keep in mind that it’s very easy to lose track of everything. You have to be as productive as possible and these tools will make things easier for you. They will help you organize your email, keep an eye on your competitors, and manage your projects.

1. Boomerang

Lots of software tools have scheduling options. Well, wouldn’t it be nice if Gmail could do the same? With Boomerang plugin it can. With this plugin you can schedule emails, so that they are sent automatically when they need to be sent. This feature is priceless when you are dealing with a global audience and have to reach clients in different time zones, for example Europe and the USA.

Another useful thing Boomerang can do is move emails from your archive back to your Inbox according to a schedule you set. This lets you manage your email flow and organize your time better – the emails that need to be answered appear in your Inbox exactly when you need to answer them.

2. Google Alerts

Want to track your app’s online reputation? Or looking for a way to know when someone publishes an article about a competitor? That’s easy with Google Alerts. You can configure them to send you an email when a search phrase is mentioned. You may want to configure alerts to send you one email per search phrase a day to keep things manageable.

3. Asana

If you have a small team and are looking for a free project management tool, check our Asana. It gives you a free account for 15 users and an unlimited number of projects.

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