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Monetizing Your App with Video Ads: Three Important Tips


All smartphone users know this feeling: you’re using an app or playing a game, and then everything gets interrupted by a full screen video ad. Nothing is as annoying as that. And if you get video ads pop up too often, you are highly likely to uninstall the app because it gets more annoying than useful. The way video ads are used in mobile apps often give an impression that advertisers still use old-school mobile phones and have no idea about smartphone user experience. Here are three important monetization tips that will help you avoid your app being ruined by ads.

 1. Let the user enjoy the app

Most advertisers forget one simple thing – the user wants to enjoy the app. And if your ads are spoiling it all, you will start losing users. Remember that nobody likes being interrupted when they are doing something; so be very careful when deciding when to play your video ads. Make sure that the ads integrate with the user experience as much as possible.

 2. Do not auto-play ads

Remember how frustrating it is to open a browser tab where an ad starts blaring out sound and music without you asking? Well, don’t let ads do the same in your app. Just like Web users frantically close pages with such ads, mobile users simply uninstall annoying app and leave nasty reviews.

 3. Engage your users

So you’ve just played a video ad for your user. Now what? Surprisingly, most video ads offer no way to engage the consumer after playing. Let your users connect with your advertisers right after the ad plays. This will help them feel more valued and let you earn more revenue. Plus the click-through rates will allow you to see if your users are getting a good experience and like what the ads offer.

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