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Simple Tips to Increase User Retention for Your Mobile Game


It’s not a secret that keeping your users interested enough to continue playing your game is the key factor of a mobile game’s lifecycle. It has also been proven that marketing to existing happy and loyal users is easier and less expensive than winning new users. In this article we’re going to share with you some tips that will help you increase user retention for your mobile game.

Ensure top technical quality

Making sure that your game is bug-free is perhaps the most important user retention factor. Most uninstalls and bad ratings happen when a game keeps freezing and crashing. Even an insignificant thing like delayed loading can annoy some players to the point of leaving. That’s why you should always try to stay on top of things and fix bugs as quickly as possible. Also, don’t forget to communicate with your users and let them know you’re working on fixes if releasing an update is taking some time.

Regularly update your content

Most people get bored pretty quickly. Depending on your game’s flow, story and difficulty your players will get bored sooner or later. To keep them interested, you should release regular updates. Think which aspects of the game can be freshened up with new content relatively easy for you and your team, and get started. It also is a good idea to offer seasonal content to make people return out of sheer curiosity.

Offer loyalty rewards

If you want to make loyal users feel special so that they keep coming back and promote your game to their friends on social media, you should think what loyalty rewards you can offer. You can give rewards based on the period of time a user has been playing (weekly, monthly and annual rewards), give rewards for certain achievements, or even offer a bonus for every time the user plays the game. Test which work best and remember that your goal is to encourage people to keep coming back.

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