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How To Hire A Great iPhone App Development team


Hiring an iPhone app development team could get time consuming if you don’t know the basics. You’ll want to make sure that you choose an iPhone app development team that has a good reputation from the start, and one that will do the job promised for the proposed price, and on time to boot.

Below are some tips to help guide you along your journey.

1/Get an Apple ID
Register as an iPhone Developer. If you plan to sell your app, you’ll need your own developer id to configure your bank account for direct deposit. The iPhone app development company you hire will then submit the App on your behalf to the App Store for approval.

2/ Sign for Confidentiality
All iPhone application development teams should sign NDA’s.

If you feel that you want to protect your idea, get a NDA in place. Sometimes an NDA is not necessary if the idea is already in the app store.

3/ Define your Requirements
Make sure each iPhone application development team is estimating on the same functionality, spec and/or business requirements. A good practice is to have a document ready to give the iPhone application development team – this could be a simple bullet point list of functionality, an RFQ/RFP, a flowchart, a .jpg mock up (or a hand drawn fax), an email – really anything that will help put every bidder for your project on the same “page”.

4/ Be Available, Be Serious
When you fill out a lead form or quote form on a website and leave your phone and email, be available and ready to talk about your project in detail when the iPhone application development team contact you. Be serious by doing your homework – research if there is a similar app in App Store already and think about how much you realistically can to budget to hire an iPhone application development team.

5/Agree on Price
Nail down an exact finished price before the project starts and get it in writing. Make sure each party understands how payment will occur, and when. A typical and fair payment schedule is 40% down, 30% at a development milestone and 30% at submission to Apple.

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