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How to Brainstorm a Name for Your iOS App


So you have a promising idea for an iOS app or game. You even have the team to develop the app and post it on the App Store. What you lack is a catchy app name and an app title for the App Store listing. Here are some ideas and tools that will help you brainstorm for a great app name.

  1. Describe your app in one word

The first thing you should do is try to describe your app or game in one or two words. These words should tell what the app is for and give an idea of the app’s main features. If you need two words to describe your app, try merging them into one. Great examples of this technique are Facebook, Snapchat and CamScanner.

  1. Google it

Another way to find an idea for an app name is to Google whatever is related to the app. For example, if you’ve created a camera app, you can search Google for anything related to photography. Most likely you’ll stumble upon a couple of terms that will help you think of a really cool name.

  1. Use a naming tool

If you’re completely out of ideas and need help, you can use an online tool like Panabee to brainstorm app name ideas. Just enter a couple of words describing your app and the tool will give you quite a few ideas. Most of them will be rubbish, but there will be some worth short listing. Plus you’ll be able to see domain name availability for these generated names, which could be handy if you decide to use any of them.

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