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App Trends in 2014: What’s Hot, What’s Not


The mobile apps industry is maturing, which means that new trends are emerging. There are new designs, new demands from users, and even new concerns. Let’s take a look at which app trends are hot, and which are not.


User rewards

The sad trend that is not changing is that most apps are only opened once and then are either forgotten, or uninstalled. So, what can you do to change the odds for your app? One of the smart trends is to offer user rewards and benefits. There are lots of options – coupons, freebies in the in-app store, points that users can redeem and so on.

Flat design

When Apple released the redesigned iOS 7, flat design was the new kid. But now it’s spreading everywhere, from mobile apps to websites. Flat design may not be great for every single app, but you should definitely consider it.

Improved privacy

Privacy has always been a worry for smartphone users, but recently the recent hacking and interference people have become even more concerned. You should give user privacy extra thought and be crystal clear with your privacy policy if you need to collect any user information.


Not Hot

Social Media Authentication

Remember the privacy concerns we’ve discussed above? Well, gone are the days of apps that automatically shared information on the user’s social media profiles and offered only social media authentication. A lot of people may not want to share their app activity on Facebook and Twitter, and even more people would want to log into the app with separate credentials.

Ignoring Android

Yes, apps for the iOS still bring more revenue. But you can’t ignore the fact that 80% of the global smartphone market is Android. So, if you don’t have an Android version of your iOS app, start working on it now.

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