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5 Mobile A/B Testing Tools You Should Try


With more than 1.5 million apps on the Apple App Store, it’s more important than ever to make your app or game noticeable, functional and user friendly. The main problem is that app developers and users see apps through different eyes. Only too often users aren’t impressed by functions, images and wording the developer considers really strong and vice versa.

The best way to optimize your app for the people is to A/B test. In this article we’re going to share 5 mobile A/B testing tools you should definitely try.

  1. Optimizely

Perhaps the best-known mobile A/B testing platform, Optimizely offers an array of tools and options at an affordable price. It also has a visual editor your marketing team can use without the need to code anything.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Experiments let you go big with A/B testing and test up to 10 versions in one go. The reports are extensive and you get updates via email too.

  1. Peek

Peek by UserTesting is an amazing free tool you can use to get insights from real people. You can test a website, a mobile website and an app with this tool. Basically, you submit a URL and wait for someone to check out your app. Testers record a 5-minute screencast where they share their thoughts about the app or website. You get three free tests per month and the best bit is that you can test your competitors too.

  1. Kissmetrics

Another popular A/B testing platform, Kissmetrics probably has the best reporting functionality and allows you to quickly identify what works and what doesn’t. You should definitely try Kissmetrics if you are desperate to increase conversions.

  1. Change Again

Change Again is a nifty tool that combines an easy to use visual editor with full Google Analytics integration. It’s very intuitive and there’s a free trial, plus a demo that doesn’t require registration.
These 5 tools will help you understand what your users want and boost your app’s retention and conversions.

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