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Wall Race – A Multiplayer Speed Racing Game for Everyone


Fan Studio today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Wall Race, a high intensity go-kart racing game with futuristic design elements and behind the scenes enhancements for a high speed and minimal delay gaming experience. Easy touchscreen controls meet precision with speeds of up to 500 km/h. Racers can partake in friendly leaderboard competition or invite friends for multiplayer fun through Facebook or Apple’s Game Center.

From the main menu, drivers can select to control their go-karts via touch screen controls or select Accelerometer, which activates motion sensors that allows players to physically direct the kart left or right by slanting the iOS device. Players press and hold the arrow button to keep the kart in motion for a behind-the-wheel experience.

To start a game, users select from single or multi player, then choose the type of go-kart they would like to use. Gamers use points to unlock faster go-karts. Go-karts are made with new physics engines for a smoother and faster experience. It also allows for a quicker bounce back into the game after the go-kart has flipped or veered off into the wrong direction.

Tracks are much the same as go-karts, where users can unlock different tracks with points. Each track is set up with a double yellow line to keep racers’ eyes on the prize. The upper end of the screen always displays the racer’s place, km/h, and how many laps they’ve finished.

Gamers can log onto the Game Center to view the global leaderboard or challenge friends to a game. Players then have the option to select multiplayer to race their friends. Multiplayer splits the screen to allow both players to view their opponents performance during the race. Racers have the option of Bragging to Facebook once they’ve been an opponent or scored higher than before.

For an advantage, racers have the option of reaching into their arsenal for weapons that will momentarily hinder their opponent. Their are four types of weapons in the arsenal:
* a shield
* a speed boost
* a time freeze (temporarily slows down other driver)
* a rocket (hits the first car when fired)

In addition to these weapons, power-ups will appear throughout the track for a boost. If racers miss these extras, then their opponents may sweep them up instead.

Feature Highlights:
* 3D graphics
* Wifi Multiplayer
* Leaderboard battles
* Game center saves scores
* Find random power-ups during race
* Gain up to 500 km/h of speed
* Driving experience powered by physics engine
* Use weapons to gain advantage over opponents
* Split screen for multiplayer view (iPad and iPhone 6 plus only)
* Control by buttons or Accelerometer (motion sensored control)
* High speed aerial stunts
* Link up with other racers on social media
* Sound effects and music
* Sleek futuristic design

The music pumping, futuristic and sleek design of Wall Race make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush. The game is made for friendly competition between friends, while giving an edge to the inner competitive streak by displaying a public leaderboard that lists the highest scores. Wall Race can be played anywhere and members can keep score as they develop skill and precision. Racers can join each other on the game’s social media platform for extended support, tips, and conversation.

The main menu gives users the option to quickly send feedback to the developer with any questions, suggestions, bugs, or even a quick hello. The feedback button opens the user’s email for direct contact. The main menu dial, Facebook, Game Center, and tally of points are always displayed on all screens when race is not in session.

“Wall Race 1.01 is the first speed racing game of its kind to use physics engine encoding,” says Andrei Buta of Fan Studio. “The goal was to create a game simple enough that it could be played by anyone, but also complex, where players are drawn into the game with a full sensory experience. Motion control sensors, surreal tracks designs, precision movement, and high energy music create an alternate world where everyone’s inner speed demon can live happily.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* 88.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Wall Race 1.01 is only $.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. Review copies are available upon request. Complete information about countries, cities, categories and subcategories, units and currencies the application contains can be found on Fan Studio’s homepage.

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