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How to Write a Killer App Description for the App Store


Your app’s description on the App Store isn’t the first thing users see and that’s why a lot of app publishers don’t pay enough attention to it. In a way, that’s understandable because a lot people make a decision to install or not install based on the app’s title and icon. Nevertheless, having a good app description can increase your installs and ranking a lot.

The first thing you need to understand about writing a good app description is that you have approximately three sentences to make potential users interested. Why three sentences? Because mobile users will only see five lines of text above the break point until they tap on “More”. That’s why these first five lines (or roughly three sentences) are so important. What you have there may either bring you more installs or make people navigate away and search for a different app. Use this space to put your strongest copy and give people a good reason to install your app.

And now the question is how to write a compelling app description. The main problem is that you can’t be sure what sounds compelling to your target audience until you research and test.

Start with breaking down your target audience by gender and age. This will give you a rough idea of what tone to use when writing your description. A younger audience tends to like reading something witty or seeing a question that pinpoints a problem the app can solve. Contrary, an older audience might feel more compelled to install the app if they can see the app’s key features at a glance. By all means, your description needs to have a list of your app’s features and their benefits, but the question is whether they should go below the break point or stay on the top.

Once you know the demographics, you can start testing different descriptions. Stick to testing changes in the first five lines, so that you can easily track the results and decide on the description that works best.

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