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Every iPhone app developer appreciates recognition from authoritative websites, especially non-industry related websites. Our team has achieved that: Gym Tuck, one of the latest apps that we developed, got featured on

Gym Tuck is an iOS app we created together with Joshua Lipsey, a top grade athlete and fitness professional from Toronto, Ontario. The app offers iPhone and iPad users the option to stay fit with the help of a custom fitness plan without having to visit a gym. The fitness program is designed by Lipsey and the app lets every single person configure it to their individual needs. This flexibility and effectiveness helped Alanna Stern, a mother of three, to not only lose weight but also adapt a new lifestyle and start enjoying working out. shared Alanna’s story with the world where Alanna proved that Lipsey’s program and app really work. Nothing is impossible provided you have the right tools and it looks like our Gym Tuck app was exactly what Alanna needed to achieve tremendous weight loss results.

From our side, we are very happy that a relatively new app (Gym Tuck was launched last November) has already gained so much recognition. We are also glad that it proved to be so effective and easy to use to help Alanna – and we hope many others – get fit.

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