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How to Select the Right Keywords for Your App


When you are submitting your app to the App Store, you probably have a pool of keywords you are considering. But how to choose the right keywords for your app, the ones that will drive downloads? Here are some tips that will help.

When “fewer” means “more”

When you sit down to sort through prospective keywords for your app, you need to use this formula:

Relevance + Competitiveness + Traffic = Downloads

This means that:

1. if your keywords are highly relevant to your app,
2. if thousands of other apps are not trying to rank for the same keywords,
3. and if the keywords you choose get traffic,

you’ll get an increase in downloads.

That’s why you need to choose your keywords wisely and not waste space typing in everything you can think of. You can go two ways from here. You can either go for keywords that get lots of traffic, or you could go for less competitive keywords. It’s always good to find a balance of the two and select keywords that get enough traffic, but are not too competitive.

Remember that the App Store allows all your keywords to be no longer than 100 characters, delimiters included.

Find the right keywords for your audience

Another thing you should consider is optimizing your keywords for your target audience. It’s easier to do this when your app is already up and running. You can then analyze who downloads your app (their age, country of origin, gender, etc.) and get an idea of your main audience. You can then optimize your keyword difficulty to match that audience. Even the best keywords can be totally useless if your target downloaders don’t use them.

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