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3 iOS Game Development Best Practices for Beginners


Developing a viral iOS game is not easy. You need to have a great idea for your game, but the idea can become worthless if you don’t develop and design the game well. Here are three iOS game development best practices that will help you get started the right way.

  1. Code is one thing, content is another

When you are creating a game with multiple levels, it’s good to separate the content for the levels from game mechanics, which should be modeled in the game’s code. Put everything that is actual game play, like running, jumping, hitting and killing an enemy, in the code and keep the rest separate. This way you will keep things lean, a lot more functional and you’ll avoid having duplicate code.

  1. Consider different screen sizes

In the old days, you didn’t have to think about the screen size when developing for iOS because there was only one size, 480 x 320. Things changed with the arrival of iPhone 5, iPad and iPad Mini. Never hard code the screen size if you don’t want to have to completely redesign your game when a new device comes out. Always make things relative and remember that iPad users might want to play the game in landscape mode. So make sure the game has that capability.

  1. Avoid the bloat

It’s very tempting to make your game look stunning with cool graphics, animations and music. You should definitely try to do your best and make things look and sound good, but don’t overdo it. Try to find the right balance between your games size and speed and all the design elements. Remember that your goal is to make playing your game a great experience for the use, so do everything you can to avoid the bloat and keep your game fast.

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