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The Worst Common App Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid


Mobile app development has become a super competitive industry. This doesn’t mean that you can’t become successful, but it does mean you need to have a good marketing plan to promote your app. It also means that you should do everything you can to avoid these common app marketing mistakes.

Having no app promotion strategy in place

Perhaps the worst app marketing mistake is not having a clear and well-researched marketing strategy. Ideally, you should start working on your promotion strategy as soon as you start developing your app. Doing that will help you avoid building an app that doesn’t have any purpose (many people still build apps to simply show you have one). Make sure your marketing strategy includes a long-term goal and several short-term goals because that will make things easier when you start marketing your app in earnest.

Not doing market research

Any successful marketing plan has lots of research put into it. Without the proper research your marketing plan is just a bunch of assumptions. Before you put together your marketing strategy you should research your competition, your target audience, and local markets you want to target.

Spamming users

Using push notifications and sending your users an occasional email is a very effective marketing strategy. But sending these too often can do more harm than good because your users may view your marketing communication as spamming. And you definitely don’t want people to uninstall your app because you’ve overdone it with marketing.

Avoid these common mobile app marketing mistakes at all costs and you’ll see how much better your app will perform.

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