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Where to Get Early Beta Users for Your iOS App


When you develop an app and it’s almost ready, you need to test its initial features and discover as many bugs as possible before you release the app to the public. But it can be really difficult to find early Beta testers. OK, you can ask your friends and family to test-drive your app, but that’s not enough. Here are three websites where you can get early beta users for your iPhone app.

 1. PreApps

PreApps is a service that connects mobile app users who are looking for new things with developers who want to find beta testers. Basically, it lets you get access to early user feedback that can be crucial to your app’s quality. Posting your app is completely free and you can also pay a fee for the service to include your app in the Featured Apps section.

2. Reddit

If you think that Reddit is just for funny GIFs, then you are wrong. It’s a great social network where you can discuss pretty much anything. More importantly, there is a thread called Screenshot Saturday where you can post screenshots of your app and get feedback from the community.

3. UserTesting

This is a very unique service that lets you actually see how your target users interact with your app. Here is how it works:

  1. You post your app for a $49 fee, select your target audience (age, gender, etc.) and set tasks users have to complete.
  2. Users download your app and perform the tasks. While completing the tasks, each user is filmed with a high-res webcam and speaks out his or her comments.

Evernote used this service to greatly improve user experience based on feedback from UserTesting testers.

Remember that it’s never too early to start getting feedback from real users. Start the process as soon as the first beta is ready and you’ll be able to avoid a lot of negative user reviews when you release your app to the general public.

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