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3 Tips to Help You Get Better App Store Ranking


There are so many apps on the App Store that it’s really hard to get a good ranking for your app. These three tips will help you move towards the top of your category and rank well for relevant searches.

  1. Perfect your app’s unique features

The first step to getting discovered and getting downloads is to identify your app’s unique features and make them better than any of the competitors’ features. Identify the features you think your target audience wants and needs most, and ensure their outstanding performance and usability. That will help your app stand out from the crowd and attract the right users.

  1. Optimize your app’s listing

When you are sure your app is good enough to satisfy even the most demanding users, it’s time to submit it to the App Store. And that’s when the ASO part starts. The key to your app appearing in the right searches is optimizing its listing for specific keywords and keyphrases. Make sure you optimize your app listing for the most relevant keywords and include some keyphrases that concentrate on your app’s unique features. Ideally, use the keywords in your app title, the keywords field and app description.

Remember that App Store optimization is an on-going process, so keep reviewing your listing every once in a while.

  1. Improve user retention

The next step to ranking high on the App Store is improving your user retention and ensuring your app gets high ratings. Apps with consistent high rating that are not getting uninstalled after a couple of days of use generally rank better on the App Store than other apps. So make sure your users are satisfied and are actively using your app.

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