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6 Most Important App Store Ranking Factors


App Store Optimization (ASO) is all about getting your app to rank higher in the App Store search and thus being noticed by more people. While ASO is still a grey area in terms of what works and what doesn’t, these six factors have been proven to have the most impact on an app’s ranking.

  1. App title

Believe it or not, your app’s title plays the key role in your app’s ranking. It’s the first thing App Store’s search engine takes into account when a user enters a query. That’s why you should always try to come up with the most relevant app name and keywords to include in your app’s title.

  1. Total number of downloads

The second most important factor for App Store ranking is the total number of downloads your app has. The engine thinks that apps with more downloads are better than apps with fewer downloads.

  1. Download rate

If two apps have similar total download numbers, Apple takes download rate (or download velocity) into account. Basically, it checks how often the app gets downloaded and whether it gets downloaded regularly or not.

  1. CTR

CTR (click-through rate) is another important app ranking factor. The more users click through to download your app, the better the app ranks in App Store search.

  1. App keywords

A lot of ASO junkies are obsessed with changing and optimizing their keywords. While having relevant terms in the “Keywords” field is important, you shouldn’t spend too much time on playing with them because other factors have a much stronger impact on your app’s ranking.

  1. App rating

Your app’s average rating is very important too, but not more important than the title and downloads. You should try to keep your app’s rating high not because of its ranking in the search results, but to keep your users satisfied and get more downloads based on trust.

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