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Three User Retention Mistakes You Should Avoid


If you think that the most difficult part is getting users to download your app, then you are wrong. It’s a lot harder to convince them to keep using your app. A recent study showed that as much as 80-90% of all users uninstall the app after using it only once. So you can see how important it is to concentrate on user retention and avoid some common mistakes.

Mistake 1: Registration

It’s very tempting to ask your users to register and get their details such as email and name. Even if you want to use this information to personalize their user experience and not to bombard them with promotions, you should think again. Studies show that up to 50% of users abandon an app if they are asked to register to start using it. If you want to retain those users, you should either get rid of registration altogether or at least delay it.

Mistake 2: Slow Load Time

Everybody hates slow software, especially if it’s a slow mobile app. That’s why most users ditch apps that take a long time to load. To avoid this, you should test your app on all devices and see if you can make it load as quickly as possible.

Mistake 3: Too Much Tapping

Unless your app is a game, your users won’t like it if they have to tap a lot to make the app do whatever it’s supposed to do. Each tap is a part of user experience and if there are too many steps, users are likely to get frustrated. That’s why you should make app functions available with the minimum amount of taps possible.

Try to avoid these common user retention mistakes and your dedicated user base will grow.

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