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How to Make Your App Blogger-Friendly and Get Featured


We all love it when our apps are featured on popular blogs because that means better exposure, more downloads and more revenue. But how to get bloggers choose your app from thousands of other apps on the App Store? Here are some tips that will help you make your app blogger-friendly.

Get on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for connecting with bloggers. A good way to start is to create a dedicated account for your app, customize the profile page with some cool graphics, start tweeting engaging tweets. Then start following app bloggers and make sure you retweet some of their tweets. Most likely bloggers will follow you back, which means that they will get your news. Plus you can always DM them and ask them to review your app.

Create a video

Everybody loves videos. Creating an interesting video demo for your app will do a lot more than a meticulous description with screenshots. Make the video fun and post it on your website, YouTube and your app’s landing page. And don’t forget to include a code to make it easy for bloggers to embed your video in their posts.

Create a landing page

Most of your end users will find your app via the App Store, but bloggers are very likely to Google for more information about the app they want to review. An engaging landing page that tells your app’s story and features your video will make your app stand out. Make sure the landing page has a clean design that replicates your app’s interface, a clean demonstration of your app’s features (that’s where the video comes in), and a call to action.

Now you know how to make your app blogger-friendly. Just remember that bloggers are also users, so the best selling point of your app is its overall performance and quality.

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