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6 Elements of an Effective Content Strategy for Your App


If you think that content marketing is for websites only, then you’re wrong. Your app needs a solid content strategy to stand out, attract new users and keep your existing users interested. In this article we’re going to list six elements of an effective app content strategy.

  1. Research

It all starts with research. Before you do anything else, make sure you know your target audience, target countries, and research your competitors. Defining the right audience is crucial because even the best app will fail if you market it to the wrong audience.

  1. ASO

The next thing on your list is App Store Optimization. Ideally, you should finish all your ASO research and have optimized content for your app’s listing ready before you submit your app.

  1. App website and blog

Not all apps have a website and run a blog, but doing so may help you get people and media interested. Look at successful mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds – they have a cool website and a blog, plus an online shop. You can start with a website and add a blog later if you don’t feel like blogging regularly before the app takes off.

  1. Media coverage

When you launch your app, you should reach out to industry bloggers to spread the news about your app. Getting bloggers interested in covering a new app is often hard, so try to make your email subject line sound interesting enough for people to actually read your email.

  1. Viral marketing

Another great strategy is having users market your app. You can simply ask people to share your app on social media, encourage them to share their achievements if your app is a mobile game, or offer small incentives for sharing.

  1. Creating and maintaining a community

When your app gains momentum and has a substantial number of active users, you can start and maintain a community. Use social media and your app’s website for that purpose.

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