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3 Ways to Improve Your New App


So your latest app is live, but it’s slow to take off. The thing is, there are so many apps on the App Store that it’s not easy to differentiate your app and make it stand out. Here are three steps you should take to improve your new app and get more downloads.

 1. Analyze feedback

The first thing you should do is analyze user reviews. Give the reviews that request additional features or point out bugs extra attention and see if you can fix the problems with a quick update. Being responsive to user feedback will boost your credibility as a developer plus it will help you to identify new feature trends early on.

2. Test every new feature

It’s very tempting to release new features quickly. Some developers rush so much that they forget to thoroughly test new functionality and damage their reputation by releasing buggy updates. Never underestimate testing and always make sure your app is as bug-free as possible.

3. Analyze your audience

You can improve your downloads rate if you market your app to the right audience. If you can, analyze your most active users. What’s their age group, where are they from, what other apps do they download and so on. Gathering this data will help you pin-point your target audience and market your app to the right people.

Remember that you have to keep improving your app for it to gain user trust and rise in the ranks.

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