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3 App Pre-Launch Marketing Tips You Should Follow


A lot of mobile app developers and publishers believe that app marketing starts after the app goes live on the App Store. But that’s not true because there’s a lot of things you should do before you launch the app.

When you start marketing your app before the launch, you raise interest, gain followers and thus ensure that when the app is launched it will get more downloads and more buzz around it. Here are three app pre-launch marketing activities that will help you reach your goal.

1. Start marketing as early as possible

As soon as your developers start working on your app, you should start marketing it. Begin with research to pinpoint your target audience, identify why you think people would download the app, and create a marketing strategy. People love trying out new apps but only when they are sure the app is either fun or useful. Remember that even though many people find new apps through App Store search, a lot of users learn about new apps through YouTube, blogs, social media and word of mouth. That’s why you should start marketing your app before it’s live on the App Store.

2. Engage with potential users

People download apps only if they really want them or really need them. It’s your job to make an app people won’t be able to live without. To do that, connect with potential users early on and try to get feedback from them while your app is still in the making. You can also send out a beta version of your app to industry bloggers and ask their opinion, as well as use UserTesting’s free Peek service to have real people review your app’s design prototypes on InVision.

3. Release teasers

Even if you’re talking about your upcoming app on your blog and social media, people won’t get really interested unless they see what you’re talking about. That’s why you should release some teasers. They can be design concepts, actual screenshots and even a short video, especially if your app is a game.

Follow these simple app pre-launch marketing tips and increase your app’s chances to succeed from the start.

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