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How to Find Inspiration and Ideas for Your First Mobile App


With the arrival of Swift building an iOS app has become easier than ever before.
So if you want to develop an iPhone or iPad app, there’s nothing to stop you – simply go ahead and learn Swift, then start working on your app. That is, if you already have an idea for an app.

Having a great idea for an app is what determines the app’s success from the start. Without a fresh idea your apps will be clones of existing ones and creating clones is definitely not what you want to do. So, how do you find inspiration for a new app? Here are some ideas that will help.

  1. Check out the App Store

The first thing you should do when you decide to develop an app is browse the App Store and look at what’s there. Settle on a category and then see your potential competitor apps. See how you can make a better and a more useful app and go from there.

  1. Check out app ideas on

If you feel really stuck, head to to get some ideas and inspiration. There you can browse app ideas by category and see whether people like these ideas or not. You can also post your app idea and get other users’ feedback and votes. The great thing about PreApps is that it’s a social network for people interested in developing mobile apps. Like-minded developers can form teams and start working on a new app together.

  1. Have a look at startup ideas on

IdeasWatch is another website that you could use to find inspiration for an app. IdeasWatch works similar to PreApps – people post their startup ideas there and get votes and comments from the community.

If you’re thinking about creating your first app, the key thing is to not get discouraged by all the other apps out there, come up with an app idea and develop it into an app. Good luck!

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