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A great idea is not enough to make a great iPhone app. Fan Studio is an iOS app development company with offices in London and Romania that knows how to turn your idea into success. We know everything about app development for iPhone and iPad, and we will find the best way to create your dream app or game.

Why Choose Us

How We Work

At Fanstudio, we believe in taking the right steps at exactly the right time. That’s why we have defined clear iPhone game app development stages.

Starting the game development for iPhone process

So you’ve decided that you need iPhone application development services. That’s when you should pick up the phone and get in touch with us. We’ll organize a meeting where we’ll discuss your ideas and the best way for us to make them come to life. And then we’ll move the process to the next stage right away. All discussions are strictly confidential, so you won’t have to worry about any of your concepts leaking out, ever.

Analysis and proposal

Now that we know your iPhone application development ideas and ambitions, our analysts will start analyzing the market, business trends, iOS user preferences, and a number of other factors to find you the perfect solution. We will then put up a proposal that will give you several choices, let you study our plan for action and see what we expect from the final result – your iOS app or game.


When all the details have been polished out, we will prepare all the paperwork. There will be an agreement for us both to sign plus every step of the app development process will be documented, so that nothing gets overlooked. And our dedicated project managers are always there to help if you have any questions, concerns or amendments.

The iPhone application development process

Before we start the actual app development process, we’ll meticulously analyse the market and every single detail of the project. We will check and double-check the initial requirements, develop a clear business sector goal, and work out the most efficient way to create your app.

When we are done with the analysis, we’ll move on to developing the strategies. This includes refining both development and marketing strategies for your application development iPhone challenge. Defining a long term strategy is essential to the app’s success and we have the people who have extensive experience in creating and promoting top rated iOS apps.

Once your app project is handed over to our app developers in London, the team’s Project Manager will define the project’s scope. The team will then find a way to maximize the efficiency of the whole process and start with the most important parts of your app development. We will launch the specification process, which will ensure that the project is checked at all stages and all your ideas, objectives, and requirements are met.

Prototyping is the next stage of the development. During this stage we will work on design mock-ups and the initial user experience map. This is a very important stage of iPhone or iPad game development that is designed to ensure that the game or app will match the user’s vision of the final product, that it will work seamlessly on all iOS devices and that the project passes initial quality assurance. When all that is done, we will move on to coding.

Coding is a complicated, multi-stage process. First the pre-alpha version of your app will be developed and checked. This version will be a rough sketch of the actual app in terms of features and functionality. We will then move on to creating the alpha version, which will have most of the functionality and which you will be able to show to your clients and co-workers. And finally we will deliver the beta version, which is basically a build of the app that you can deliver to end users and get some community testing and feedback. We will take all the feedback into account before we issue the final release. But before your iOS app is released, we will need to do all the quality assurance and testing.

Testing is a procedure that is designed to confirm the quality of the newly developed app. Its goal is to ensure that all the features work as they should and there are no malfunctions or bugs. At Fanstudio, we have the best quality assurance engineers that just love finding bugs in games and apps. So, if there was anything that our developers missed, the QA people will nail it and we’ll fix everything right away.

When your application is done, we’ll present you with the final result and release the app along with all the necessary technical documentation. And if you ever need tech support, just let us know. Unlike a lot of iPad game development London companies, we always provide all the necessary support to our clients, 24/7.

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