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We Got Mentioned on the First Page of Jayant Varma’s New Book – Learn Lua for iOS Game Development

Not long ago Apress released “Learn Lua for iOS Game Development” by Jayant Varma. Since we know Jayant, we got his book as soon as it hit the shelves. Imagine how pleased we were to see the author thank Fan Studio’s founder Andrei Buta on the first page of his book for making it all happen. Here’s the story.

A year ago, Fan Studio’s founder Andrei Buta was approached by an agent from Apress, a publisher that specializes in IT, software, and app development. The publisher was looking for iOS developer from London, UK¬†and asked Andrei to write a book about iPhone and iPad app development. They wanted Andrei to come up with an idea for a book and get it published.

Unfortunately, Andrei was too busy with other projects, so he couldn’t allocate the time to write the book. That’s when he thought about Jayant Varma, a talented and experienced programmer whom he knew from various game development forums and conferences. Andrei thought that Jayant would be interested in writing the book. He was right because Jayant accepted the offer from Apress and wrote a great book about iOS game development.

We want to thank Jayant for his kind words and wish him the best of luck in writing and software development alike!

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