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5 Important ASO Rank Factors You Should Know Of


App Store search is the main source of installs for practically all apps out there. Even though app marketers always talk about social media and creative marketing strategies, the truth is that none of them are as important as App Store Optimization (ASO). Put simply, if your app is buried by other apps, nobody will keep scrolling long enough to install it. Here are five important ASO rank factors that will help your app improve its rank on the App Store.

1. Optimizing for specific keywords

Optimizing your app for specific keywords is perhaps the most important ranking factor. Make sure you do your research properly, use relevant and not too competitive keywords, and include them in the app title and app keyword fields.

2. Ratings and reviews

Apps with better user ratings rank higher in the App Store search. The number of positive reviews is also an important factor. The more positive ratings and reviews your app has, the better its chance to appear higher in the search results.

3. Freshness

Apps that are kept updated on a regular basis have a better chance of getting a higher rank in the search results. So make sure you issue timely updates that address user problems.

4. Downloads numbers consistency

Another factor that can affect your app’s search ranking is the consistency in download numbers. The App Store likes to see your download numbers either rising or at least staying on the same level. If they start to drop, your app’s rank in the search results may drop too.

5. Uninstalls

This factor indirectly affects your search ranking. If your app has lots of almost immediate uninstalls, it’s highly likely that it will get lots of low ratings and negative reviews. So make sure your app description is not misleading and your app works well. That way you’ll be able to maintain a consistent number of downloads and improve your visibility in App Store search.

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