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How to Identify App Store Trends and Use Them to Your Advantage


No matter whether you already have an app or are just thinking about developing one, knowing what’s hot on the App Store can give you valuable insights into the market and help you improve your app based on what you’ve learned. In this article we’ll give you some advice on how to identify App Store trends.

The first thing to do to see what’s hot on the App Store is to check the App Charts, especially top grossing apps, top paid apps and top free apps. The simplest way to check these charts out is to browse them from your own iOS device. This method is dead easy, but it has one flaw – the App Store shows you results based on the country where you are located. This is fine for a lot of developers who are developing apps for their local markets, but it’s not good at all if you want to check out global trends (and you should). For getting insights into global trends, use AppTrace. It’s a free tool and it provides valuable statistical information about apps on the App Store because it uses a global ranking system, so you’ll see which apps are popular around the world.

Now that you know what’s trending, it’s time for you to learn to predict the future. Will current trends stay hot or are they going to change in a couple of months? Developing an app to meet the demand of short-term trends is not worth the effort and the resources.

Identifying long-term trends will help you develop a solid app that will have the potential of staying popular for years. Use the information you gained for your ASO strategy and keep reviewing the charts on a regular basis to stay current with the trends.

Mobile Game App Developers UK


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