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How to Extract Keywords from App Store User Reviews


A lot of newcomers to the App Store think that choosing keywords for their app is a quick and easy task. Nothing could be further from the truth because the success of your app in the search results directly depends on your choice of keywords. You have to do your ASO (App Store Optimization) to get ahead.

Searching for the best keywords for your app can be hard because things that come to your mind usually differ from what your potential users search for. A smart way to look for app keywords is to take queue from your current users and extract keywords from app reviews. You can analyze both your app reviews and competitor reviews. But where to start?

To help you sort through user reviews, you can break them up by star rating. This lets you separate positive reviews from the negative ones. You can then go through the positive ones and see what sort of words people use when they talk about your app. A lot of these words will be praise adjectives you won’t be able to use as keywords, but there will be some that will turn out to be strong keywords. Some of these keywords might be synonyms of the keywords you’re already using, so you’ll be able to pinpoint the ones that need updating.

Another thing you should never ignore is analyzing user reviews for your major competitors on the App Store. Analyze positive competitor reviews for frequently appearing words you may use as keywords and use them before your competitor does.

And one last tip – don’t forget that you have limited space for your keywords, so choose them wisely.


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