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Tips to Optimize Your App’s Layout for the iPhone


There is no right or wrong in design. But when you are designing an app, it’s important to get its interface and layout right. Basically, an app’s interface needs to have an intuitive layout that doesn’t waste the user’s time. Here are some tips that will help you optimize your app’s layout for iPhone.

Make the main elements stand out

The main elements are essential to an app’s layout. They should draw the user’s attention and be easy to spot. To make that happen, make sure you place important control elements at the top left of the screen because that’s where people intuitively look for menu items. It’s also good to make important items larger and more prominent than other stuff.

Leave enough space for controls

The iPhone screen is a bit on the small scale compared to giant Samsung smartphones. That’s why you should make sure your main control elements are easy to tap. Otherwise your app will be a nightmare to use. Remember that your controls should be at least 44×44 points.

Group elements together

Another important thing you should do is group elements in such a way that they are easy to find. Imagine that you are an average user and group elements using your common sense. Make sure you are consistent and group elements that belong together. If you are not sure, send your mockups to your non-developer friends and ask them if they would find your app easy to use.

Making your app’s layout as intuitive as possible will give you advantage over competition and help you win your target audience.

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